Close My Eyes

Close My Eyes
Sophie McKenzie

This book is this summer’s Gone Girl. From the tense, fast-paced writing, to the messed-up but sympathetic characters, to the twist ending that keeps on twisting… and twisting… seriously, I have no idea why this book is not already a blockbuster.
Gen and her husband Art are facing yet another round of fertility treatments, years after the stillbirth of their only child, Beth. One day, a woman shows up on their doorstep with the shattering news that their baby was not born dead. Gen embarks on a quest for the truth that grows increasingly convoluted and frightening. At first, the things she uncovers could be coincidences, but she remains convinced her baby is alive out there somewhere. Her husband and best friend Hen question her sanity, but she persists. Apparently random hit and run accidents, parties with lots of drinking, and a rather sketchy Irish soap actor named Lorcan conspire to keep Gen on her quest.
SPOILER ALERT: husbands make good fall guys but they aren’t always what they seem.
Also, the plot twists keep you guessing until literally the turn of the last page. If you want to spend a few hours or days immersed in a totally screwed up, edge of your seat,  page turner,  run- don’t walk- to your nearest bookstore or ebook purchasing site.


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