The Good Luck of Right Now

The Good Luck of Right Now
Matthew Quick

Bartholomew Neil is ill-equipped to deal with life in the wake of his mother’s death from brain cancer. He lived with his mother his whole life, and has some serious developmental and social issues. To cope, he starts writing letters to his mom’s favorite actor, Richard Gere. This book is narrated by those letters.
Father McNamee, Bartholomew’s priest and a family friend, does his best to help the floundering younger man. He includes Bartholomew in a grief suppprt group with a foul-mouthed man named Max. He hires a young grief counselor named Wendy. He encourages Bartholomew to talk to the “Girlbrarian” he admires at the library, who turns out to be named Elizabeth.
Bartholomew also develops and interest in Buddhism and the Dali Lama because of Richard Gere.
Eventually Barthlomew, Father McNamee, Elizabeth and Max end up on a road trip to see “cat parliament”, a shelter for homeless cats in Canada.

If The Good Luck of Right Now sounds disjointed and strange…well, it kinda is. But in its own way, its good. It reveals the good in people- even messed up, barely functional people. It also demonstrates the importance of family- no matter if the family is partly fractured biologically related.

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