XL Love

XL Love: How the Obesity Crisis is Complicating America’s Love Life
Sarah Varney

I actually became aware of XL Love a couple of months before it was published. This article on CNN didn’t seem to have good things to say about the book: So naturally, I had to read XL Love when it came out.

Varney explores sexual development, marital happiness, and intimacy across age,  gender and race line with one common factor- overweightness, or obesity. Since 2 in 3 Americans are overweight- and 1 in 3 are obese- its a perspective that can’t be ignored.

The single biggest factor in plus-sized love,  Varney concluded, isn’t body size-  it’s body image. While many factors play into a happy married sex life, the biggest component seems to be a  compatible spouse who values their partner at any size.

Varney is the first to admit that XL Love doesn’t have all the answers. Studies on weight, sex, and race are in the early stages (relatively speaking.) But as body sizes in this country continue to balloon, this is a subject that can no longer be ignored. Varney addresses plus-sized love with not only medical studies but also  insight and understanding.



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