Dad Is Fat

Dad Is Fat
Jim Gaffigan

This book by a stand-up comedian has been very popular for several months now. I wasn’t very interested until I saw a few of his quotes on Pinterest, and then I was like, “well… I’d better check it out.”
Here’s Gaffigan’s basic premise: a fat ginger nerd somehow manages to marry a hot woman who totally has it all together. They have 5 kids in like 6 years and live in a 2 bedroom apartment in New York. ITS HILARIOUS.

From posts about home births to holidays to strollers to mealtimes, there’s nothing about little kids that Gaffigan doesn’t make hilarious. (And, for the record, also makes me go “I’m so glad thats not my life.)
Oh and an added bonus? This is clean comedy. Oh there’s messes aplenty, but no language or inappropriate jokes. 

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