This Dark Road To Mercy

This Dark Road to Mercy
Wiley Cash

Easter and Ruby have been living in foster care since the death of their mother. Then one day their father Wade shows up. He had previously relinquished his rights to them, but now he wants to take them from foster care and give them a home. Easter and Ruby are excited but wary, since Wade hasn’t been trustworthy in the past.
Brady Weller is the girls’ guardian ad litem, an advocate for them in the courts. He is a former police detective who was forced to retire after causing a fatal accident. He wants to make sure the girls are safe in a good home. He also would really like to solve a bank robbery cold case.
Pruitt is an enforcer for a local heavy, tryibg to tracking down his missing bank robbery money. Pruitt leaves a trail of bodies behind and his path comes dangerously close to the girls.

All these stories are set against the backdrop of McGuire and Sosa racing to beat the world record in home runs. Baseball forms the backdrop for this novel.

So what is This Dark Road to Mercy about? Is it about family? Is it a detective story? Is it about baseball? Yes, to all of these. In the end it might be about redemption, and finding mercy where you least expect it.