Hi I’m K, and I love books!  When I started talking about a blog, at first I thought of some of my other interests: food, makeup, cats. When I finally hit upon the idea of a book blog, tho, everyone went “duh!” Its convenient, then, that loving books as I do, I also work in a bookstore. I have worked in said Corporate Bookstore (which shall remain nameless) for almost 8 years now. I appreciate the access to books, book trends, and the occasional Advanced Reader Copy (aka “ARC” pronounced “ark”) which publishers send out.a few words on the name:The phrase “just too many books” applies on many levels. I may have first uttered that phrase at work, upon seeing I had just too many titles to put on a display, or maybe looking at shelves of extra stock. Looking at the stacks and stacks of books, I said, “There are just too many books!”It applies at home too, tho. Although I add bookshelves to my apartment on a regular basis, they never seem to be enough. One day I have all my books dusted and organized in nice, neat rows. Next time I look, they are piled two rows deep, books stacked on top of books, with random piles of books in the corners of rooms. No matter how many bookshelves I get, I always seem to have just too many books!Finally, I feel like the phrase applies to the average reader, who maybe doesn’t work in a bookstore, and wonders how they can possibly keep up with all the new titles that come out all the time. This person might feel like, “How can I possibly know what to read now… there are just too many books?” I hope this blog is helpful for you.a few words on blogging:I haven’t had a blog since Xanga (anyone remember Xanga??) and that was less a “blog” and more “random brain overflow from a teenage girl.” What I’m hoping to do here is post book title and author, a short summary, a response/reflection/reaction on my part, and then a “you will like.” I’m hoping that the “you will like” can go both ways: that if you like an author listed there, you will try this book. But if you try this book and like it, you might check out one of those authors too.I had planned a lot more lines of introduction-type stuff, but I decided to skip it and dive right in with a few of my Top 10 titles for this year. Either you will like it, or you won’t, and I can do more background later.a few words on my Top 10:I keep a running Top 10 of various things at all time in my mind. Its usually ranked chronologically, and there aren’t always 10. I tend to keep a slot or two open just in case.

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  1. I wasn’t quite sure how to contact you so I’m gonna try to comment. I am in the process of creating a magazine for my local area. I would love to use your book review for I Am Malala. Please contact me so we can discuss it further.

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